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More hands baby intellectual development is the key

   Baby intellectual development - child benefits more hands

   Can stimulate the brain. In the use of hand when bound to promote brain activity.

   Promote the development of hand-eye coordination. Hands-on games not only promote muscle development, but also to promote the development of hand-eye coordination.

   You can cultivate children's patience, stimulate the child's sense of accomplishment, and can improve the child's attention.

   The most important is to develop children's cognitive and thinking, for children, is a kind of hands-on learning.

   Next, take a look at how to get kids more hands now.

   Baby intellectual development - parents how to get kids more hands Discovery and use of live content. Child's life is full of opportunities for all kinds of exercise, the key is to find and take advantage of their parents. For example, out the door, you can let the kids turn on the door handle to open the door; at home, teaching children to use the key to open the door; when the mother gave the child to tell stories, you can let him open book. If your child brush your teeth, you can let him squeezing toothpaste; when children wash their hands, allowing him to open his own leader, wiping soap, rub, rinse. In no hurry, they can also let the children zipping, solution button; when cooking, you can let the children participate peel beans and so on; at dinner, let the children hold rice from the pot with a spoon to their own small bowl; You can also let himself with a spoon dishes for vegetables and so on.

   Toys and games are also a teacher. In fact, there are many children like toys and games but also his fine motor learning partners and teachers, such as painting, stickers and sticker paper cutting, are particularly good training in the fingers, wrist, arm movements with the game; and if plasticine dough, etc., by pinching, pressing, kneading, compression and other actions to exercise flexibility and the strength of a small hand has a very good effect; for example, there are many similar again "go-between" toys, not only to train the child's index finger, thumb and wrist fit, but also to foster the development of a child's hand-eye coordination and patience. Fight inserted toys have a function in this regard; tighten the nut is also a good play. And give toys to wear clothes that can help children learn solution button, tape-based capabilities.

   Try playing some finger games. Fingering do with the songs are particularly popular with children welcome. For example, "Boss sleep, good night (hands heart relative, two thumb bent!) The second child to sleep, good night (two finger bent!) Big sleep, good night (two middle fingers bent)! You sleep, good night (two finger bent )! I sleep, good night (two bent little finger!) Little woke up, Hello (little finger straight, like a nod to bend it)! "So turn back.

   Moms and dads, in life, let the kids more hands now.

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