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How to use painting baby intellectual development

   Many adults are aware of it, willing to spend a lot of money to children to buy books, but do not pay attention to teach children to read, pay attention to storage, thereby reducing the book value. Therefore, we should pay attention to painting full play to the unique role of excited children's intelligence, the use of painting to carry the child's intelligence.

   1, to carefully selected painting.

   Some parents do not pay attention, those who book the band diagram are considered low children's books, not indiscriminately buy, spend a lot of results, but the children simply do not understand. Therefore, adults should be selected from those who have educational, children can understand, the text concise, beautiful words of the book, let the children read and repeat. Conditional, but also let the children choose to inspire children to think independently and painting in the content, thus contributing to the development of intelligence.

   2. Help your child to read effectively.

   Because younger children do not know how to look; some reading purpose is not clear, aimlessly shuffle, soon turned finish a book; some of the books look backwards nor had noticed; there's What will people talk about the book on what animals without understanding the intrinsic link between the sheets of the screen, and therefore can not be more education from reading. For these situations, parents should pay attention to:

   (1) First, how to teach children to read, to develop good reading habits. To page by page in order to read and the time to carefully pay attention to what people have to understand, things on the screen, what they are doing, in order to understand the meaning of the expression on the screen, after gradually develop reading to know its complete story, content.

   (2) when looking at painting, adults may appropriately ask questions to help them better understand the story. Arrangements around different questions, or tell a story in a book before asking questions, so that children with problems to see, hear, and then find out from the story; also available in the middle of reading a book or tell the story caused suspense, ask questions, let the children be answered by thinking; but also in listening, after reading the story, ask questions, help children understand the content of the story, theme, thus promoting the development of children's thinking ability.

   (3) Some of the older children, but also let in after reading the book, retelling the content of the story. In the rehearsal process, the adults, listening attentively, individual issues can also remind or correct, and thus exercise the child's comprehension, memory and verbal skills.

   (4) In the process of reading the child, the child can not understand or more difficult to understand the words, adults should patiently explain, try to make the issue concrete, making them easy to understand and consciously let children use the word group of words with Words say a word, so as to nurture the child's oral communication skills.

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