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Survey: Children living supplies quality most parents 'worry'

   [Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] for the children's parents, they are most concerned about the quality of the product which is the most do not trust what the product is newly Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau for infants, children and school supplies quality and safety situation   questionnaire, survey results show that children living supplies, toys and stationery ranked most parents do not trust the top three list of products.

   Nearly half of respondents overall evaluation in general

   Joint Jiangsu Province by the Yangzi Evening News Bureau of Quality
   Supervision jointly sponsored the "Weekly Quality Forum", has repeatedly introduced child-related quality of knowledge, school supplies, in order to further understand the parents of the current infants, children and school supplies overall evaluation provide a basis for product quality risk monitoring and administrative decision-making, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau recently conducted a survey.

   The product scope of the investigation, including infants, children and students daily contact with stationery, toys, household items, sporting goods, clothing, etc., for infants, children and school supplies quality and safety of the overall evaluation, the respondents chose the most general , accounting for 46.6%; followed by worrying, accounting for 23%; better evaluation is accounted for 20.2%. Survey shows that in addition there is further room for improvement of product quality supervision and inspection of Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out many consumers do not understand, the information is lagging behind.

   Most do not trust the three products

   Infants, children and school supplies, consumers do not trust the most are those products  From sampling results, 27.5% of respondents chose the children's daily necessities, choose toys accounted for 26.8%, and 20.2% of the respondents chose the stationery. Thus, children living supplies, toys and stationery, most parents do not trust ranked list of the top three.

The survey found that children and pupils' parents think the most prone to problems of articles focused on children living supplies and toys, the main concern in close contact with the child safety items, as well as toxic and hazardous substance may harm the body.

   Most assured quality books

   Most parents do not trust children living supplies, then what infants, children and school supplies will get the trust of the parents do the survey, parents assured the highest degree of product are as follows:  Books, exercise books, accounting for 56.3%; bags accounted for 52.6%; balls, rope and other sporting goods are accounted for 48.9%.

   For not assured supplies, what problems do they exist in the eyes of parents from the survey results, 39.5% of respondents chose the product quality, but off;  30.7% of respondents chose the presence of toxic substances. Can also be seen from the survey results, some infants, children and school supplies due to the lack of appropriate product standards and access system, the existence of quality can not reach the consumer expectations. It is worth mentioning that most users of the odors, chemicals, toxic and hazardous equated with, which shows the user some questions can not be confirmed from authoritative sources, leading to mistrust of product quality.

   Childs quality most criticized

   Nearly forty percent of respondents believe that infants, children and school supplies there is a problem of product quality, but off. So parents opinion, which products most likely to quality, but off it from the survey results, the top three items were:  Stroller (including bicycles), kettle (cups), as well as clothing, shoes, hats (including school uniforms ).

   Childs' quality, but off, "mainly in the brakes not working, firmness enough; but the main quality problems kettle, cups are easy to crack a mug, plastic cups when exposed to heat deformation; clothing, shoes, hats quality problems are mainly concentrated in two aspects: First, school uniform material difference, zippers, buttons perishable, two children's clothing containing formaldehyde and other issues.

   Future checks will be more targeted

   The survey found for the problem, the quality supervision departments will further classification analysis, investigation of infants, children, and school supplies potential risks and focus checks stationery, children's furniture, water bottles (cups), children's clothing and other consumers are most concerned about related supplies.

   Furthermore the quality supervision departments will be through students and parents can "understand the language," universal infant, product quality and safety knowledge of children and school supplies, and to encourage children and parents together, found quality problems call 12365 complaints hotline to improve the individual participation of ordinary people, to achieve the quality of social cohabitation. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre Media Partners: shoe-like garments information.)

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