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EU technical regulations repeatedly upgraded children's products

   Our country is the EU's largest source of imports, in 2013 China's total exports amounted to $ 370.27 billion the EU, including children's products is an important competitive products, including children's clothing, toys, stroller, etc. But in recent years the frequency of children's products exports to the EU because of the different forms of technical barriers and limited industrial security has been adversely affected, and the enterprises have to pay close attention.

   The EU as a global technical regulations of the vane, technical barriers related to children's products is always in the forefront. As is known as "most stringent" toy standard has been officially began full implementation of children's products on the impact of the export industry is gradually revealed. Since the beginning of this year the European Union on a number of technical regulations to be updated, such as the April revised toy standard en71-1, to comprehensively strengthen the physical and mechanical requirements of the product, in June released a succession of Directive 2014/79 / eu and 2014/81 / eu, bisphenol and a tris (2-chloroethyl) ester (tcep), phosphate, tris (2-chloropropyl) phosphate (tcpp) and tris (1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) ester ( tdcp), three flame retardants included in the limits, in addition to the lead content of children's easy to contact consumer goods will also be restricted.

    To this end, remind the relevant enterprise: should first improve the quality and safety awareness. Critical review of product design and other aspects of security, early detection of problems, and in the contract compliance for product design, etc. make provisions to safeguard their legitimate interests. Second, we must actively respond to technical barriers. To grasp the relevant technical regulations export markets, technology, quality and labeling, an accurate grasp of design risk, and timely communication of information concerns the European Union, the dynamic control of the market concerned about the hot spots. At the same time to strengthen the design, quality inspection and other key staff training, and constantly improve the quality management system, combined with technological advances to ensure product quality from the source.

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