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Baby health hazards of toys are there

   Baby health hazards of toys are there  With the progress of time, a variety of novelty toys emerging, especially those big noise toys, you know this toy for infants hearing damage is also growing. According to the survey Swedish research institutions in a report that, although there is not an accurate measure of babies, toddlers sensitivity to sound, but there is evidence that children of sound sensors sensitive than adults. If children's toys loud sound, it could have disastrous consequences for the baby. Similarly, babies play assault rifles, artillery, tanks, trucks and other toys, these toys within 10 cm, the noise will reach 80 db or more.

   But ordinary conversation in our daily for 30 db to 40 db, speak loudly for more than 80 decibels, loud noises or tweeter is 90 db. No sound 40 db below adverse effects on children; more than 70 db of noise will damage children's hearing system; when it reaches 80 db, noisy children will feel uncomfortable; if the noise often reaches 80 decibels, the child will have a headache, dizziness, tinnitus, emotional stress, memory loss and other symptoms. Healthy growth of infants and young children need a quiet and comfortable environment, if long-term stimulation by noise, will become prone to excitement, lack of tolerance, lack of sleep, lack of concentration and other symptoms.

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