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Baby fine motor development for training

   1, to prepare a baby can pinch a loud rattle or soft plastic toys, hanging up in a small bed, and use these toys to tease him and let him touch and grip toys, so you can train baby's hand grasping ability.

   2, Mommy can be their own index finger, or the handle of a rattle stuffed baby's hands and let him hold grip and stay a while, so you can make the baby's grip ability to get exercise.

   3, to create conditions to the baby and playing or watching sucking his little hands, do not be afraid because of unsanitary limits him. If the baby's wrist to wear a bracelet, you can stimulate interest in his own hands and look to play the hand.

   4, at the top of a small bed of colorful toys hanging some height to the baby's hand or touch can get better. Mommy can also be hand colored toys with loud, in front of the baby shake, tease and prompted him to hand to touch and grip.

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