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Four methods to train a good grip baby

   Before the baby's grip strength training, you can give your baby touch some toys or objects of different textures, such as smooth plastic toys, soft toys easily understood squeeze his hand would deform the surface bumpy toy or toys and so on. Let your baby's hand as much as possible to add some tactile feel, which will favor the next grip training.

   Adults can wash gloves, fingers filled with foam, hanging around in the baby finger can let the baby to see, and to lure the baby with the clutch.

   You can also put in a baby's hand lifted a small bell rang to let the baby do not intend to touch hands, causing the baby intentional physical activity.

    Training baby's grip, you can refer to the following methods:

   Hand fingering. When training your baby's grip, the mother can put their thumb or index finger, on the baby's hand and my heart to let your baby grasping, and so felt after a certain grip, then pull your finger out from the baby's palm, see Whether your baby can grab. 

   Pull method. The first month baby may also not own cable, but you can buy some with pull toys, preferably a cable or a beep will move the toy. Start training when the mother can put the line into the hands of the baby to help the baby pull toys, activity or sound will stimulate interest in the baby, the baby will own after several training play a.

   Catch pedants method. In the top of the baby cot, hanging low on some colorful little soft plastic animals or other things, first shaking caused the baby's attention pedants, then took the baby's hand to help him (her) grasp, slowly tease baby reach out and grab yourself. Mom or dad can also intends to hand to tether the stuffed toy baby hands, then take advantage of the baby does not catch on, when suddenly the toy lift, in order to stimulate the baby's interest, after several stimulation, baby will take the initiative to grab a small hand waving.

   Catch the ball method. This is a double benefit of training methods. Not only can baby hand grip strength training, but also can be trained to chase the baby eye sight. Training, let the baby tummy, then put a brightly colored ball, from the baby's hand can catch the local slowly rolled over. When the ball started to roll from side to side, the baby will be intently watching, after several repeat, the baby will soon reach out and grab the ball.

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